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Adults Tues morning's from 10am to 12pm
Cost €15 per session.

Thorn will help you discover your unique style of painting and develop your Art of Observation.Through many years of teaching and with over a thousand students, Thorn's experience of developing a uniqueness within every person's innate ability to paint is extensive.Proven to be a fun, sociable and awakening experience,
Thorn's fast and easy techniques will have you confident in your abilities in little time.

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to Masterclasses
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Thorn on Tuesdays
Painting Lessons - Art Classes - Workshops
29th June 2018 --- 1st July
Art & Yoga Summer Retreat  29th JUNE 2018
Yoga combined with Art to bring your Inner truth and potent creativity to play a greater part in your life.
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